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Well,Yesterday,I Had this talk with katie,a good friend of mine about music & stuff.But somehow,The talk had concluded with me saying this to myself…

I Think I may not be that into H!P Anymore.

Well,I’m still into h!p & Love them to death But,I Don’t know,I’m just not that into them like I was last year.And also I’ve really started to adore & favor Other groups & solo artists over them.Well,last year,I didn’t listen to their music that often and thought this.

Hello! Project >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Other Artists

But That’s slowly changing and Freakin adore more artists other than ones under Hello! project.And just To think that last year,I couldn’t listen to AKB48 or Girls’ Generation because,I was a purely H!P Purist.

I started listening to AKB48 around June of 2007 after I read an article on Team B’s major debut on “Totally Hello! Project” & The lineup included an auditionee from the 8th gen Auditions,Kashiwagi Yuki(Yukirin).I decided to check the group out and thought that the group was a 7 member group & not that big of a group.But when I saw the Video for “BINGO!”.I Was really shocked with the member count & At first I thought that there weren’t that many girls & that was just a computer effect.I suddenly got hooked on their music & Often listened to their new singles.

But somehow,I realized that they were so called “Inferior” to h!p & stopped listening.

Then A few months later,I missed out on a lot of akb48 & Suddenly,I got hooked to the group again,Now I adore them again.

Not Long after I Discovered AKB48,I found out about So Nyeo Shi Dae(A.K.A:Girls’ Generation)

In Late 2007,I didn’t really get into the group until Mid 2008,I stopped listening to the group for a few months.But then,after I heard Gee,I Must say,I Freakin adore the group again.

And after that,I got Into KAT-TUN & NewS

I Discovered both groups back in 2007,I Seriously adore the both of them.:)

Then It was TVXQ & Idoling!!!!’s Turn.I really adore TVXQ & Idoling!!!!

Thanks Silverbolt & Forever Idoling!!! for regaining my hope in the group.even If rumi/Saya/Maria left.

And finally,just recently,I got into PARADISE GO!! GO!!

But I must say,They do not have bad songs & I adore this group.btw,I couldn’t find a picture so enjoy this video of faraway,My fave Paradise go go song.


So,In conclusion,This post teaches me that I don’t just adore h!p but I still adore other groups too.And I can juggle bunches of fandoms at a time.This post does NOT translate to I WILL BE STOPPING ACTIVITIES ON THIS BLOG PERIOD.This blog will still be active.



Rumi picture time!

Survey Time & This time,It’s from the lovely Midori

Gender- M/F/no answer (>o.o)>Female

Approximate age- 12 & under, 13-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61+, no answer (>o.o)> 13-20(13)

Now onto the survey!

1. What was the first pop song you remember liking?
Umm,Since I lived in venezuela for 7/13 years in my life,I’m gonna have to say that the 1st pop song I remember liking was “Oops…I did it again” by Britney Spears.

2. What bands/music groups/singers did you grow up listening to? (>o.o)>
Shakira,Paulina Rubio,Britney Spears,NSYNC,Christina Aguilera,Backstreet Boys.To Name A few!

3. What bands/music groups/singers were popular when you grew up? (ie. Were on the radio a lot) (>o.o)>
I can’t remember any singers that were popular in venezuela when I grew up but I can remember some artists that were popular in the states such as Britney Spears,NSYNC,Jennifer Lopez,Avril Lavigne,Pink,Justin Timberlake,Usher,Eminem.To Name a few.

4. When (What year) did you first hear Jpop that you liked? What groups were popular?
I think It was around 2006 when I first heard Jpop that I liked,I guess KAT-TUN was a group that was popular at the time,Still are though.

5. What kind of Jpop/Jrock did you initially like? (>o.o)>
Morning Musume,I’ve loved them since the very begining.

6. Do you still like said kind of Jmusic? (>o.o)>
Yes & Yes.

7. Do you still listen to the music in your native language (or some other language) as often as Jpop? (>o.o)>
The Music In my native language sucks in my opinion & I listen to K-Pop & English Music Just as often.

8. If so, what other kind of music to you enjoy listening to? (>o.o)>
So Nyeo Shi Dae,Britney Spears,Paramore,TVXQ,Lady Gaga,Play

9. Do you go to concerts/performances of your favorite groups from your country? Do you go to ones for J-pop groups?
No,I have never been to a concert before.

10. What do you think about the Jpop industry’s future? Do you think that you’ll continue to like it for another 5 years? (>o.o)>
I think that the future is very bright for the industry,I can see Idol Groups come back in style & momusu have another big hit.And let’s just say that I will never ever get bored with jpop.

11. What’s your favorite group? (>o.o)>
Morning Musume,Berryz Koubou,C-ute,AKB48,Idoling!!!(Old Members),KAT-TUN,NEWS,AAA,SweetS,ZONE

12. Is your favorite song/single/album a Jpop one? (>o.o)> Is it from your favorite artist?
Yeah,My Favorite single Is “Roman~MY DEAR BOY~” & Yes,It’s from Morning Musume.

13. Do you like pop from outside of Japan, such as Hannah Montana? (>o.o)>
I Used to like hannah montana,Until she got all big headed.I Like listening to pop outside of japan Like SNSD.

14. Do you like musicals? If so, what’s your favorite, and one you really want to see? (This one is just to humor Midori)
I Like musicals but i don’t really go to them,I would love to see Wicked though.



So I decided to redo Misa’s Survey & here are my new answers!
1. What was the first Japanese song that you ever listened to?
Lucky Cha Cha Cha-Mini Moni
2. Did it inspire you to like that group/singer, or did it turn you away?
It Inspired Me To Like That group,thus leading me to like all j-pop in general.
3. What is the one song that you have been listening to for the longest time?
Iroppoi Jirettai-Morning musume
4. What group/singer have you liked the longest?
Morning Musume,I’ve loved them ever since I discovered J-Pop.
5. What is the song with the most plays on your itunes/media player?
Oogoe Diamond-AKB48,That song Is stuck In my head all the time
6. Is that song your favorite?
well,not my favorite j-pop song,But It is one of my Fave AKB48 Songs
7. If not, what is?
Roman~MY DEAR BOY~,That’s the momusu song I’ve adored for the longest time.
8. Is there any one group that you can listen to all/most of the songs by? If so, who?
Definetly Morning Musume,With Berryz,C-ute,AKB48,KAT-TUN & News In a close Second.
9. What is your favorite agency?
UFA,Their agency may be owned by a bunch of idiots,But they manage 80% of my favorite j-pop groups,so why not.
10. What is your favorite group/singer?
Morning Musume,AKB48 & Berryz/C-ute are right up there with them.


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