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aewen1065I’m gonna be gone.

For now.

I’ll be back tomorrow or thursday, probably, maybe not.

It’s just that I was here on this blog and I think that’s enough

I have learned so much about me and my tastes through this blog and even though I don’t post as much because of me getting my feet swept away.Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.

I love you all sfm ❤




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I’m sorry that I have not updated in over a few days, I’m a lazy asshat.please forgive me, and here’s a present.

032_3Now we cool?


Hey everybody, Sorry for the short absence, i was procrastinating again. D:

but I will stop and I promise you all I will be done with the 1st part of my AKB48 Request Hour~Set List Best 100~ 2009 Review and It will be expected to be up by either monday in the afternoon or tuesday.Be patient please!

Oh and I have a brand new header, It’s namida surprise!

Well, that’s all for the blog updates, see ya next week! ^_^


I know it’s not j-pop related but still, It’s one of my “must watch” animes right now peeps!



Hey Everybody & Welcome To My brand new blog called “Shouganai♥Surprise!♥ and You are all now probably wondering why I moved…again.well let me explain all about the new blog with a Q&A Session!

Why Did you move?

Well,The reason i decided to move because It was becoming more & more harder for me to update two blogs at once,Heart♥no♥Ondo was like a ghost town & It was becoming harder for me to update that one because of wanting to update “take off is now” and so in the end,I said,”screw this,I’m gonna merge these 2 blogs & make it an all j-pop idol blog” and that Is why I moved again.

What gave you Inspiration for the name?

The inspiration came from the songs “Shouganai yume oibito” by Morning Musume & “Namida Surprise” By AKB48 because those were their 2 latest singles & they reflected the brand new fact that This has become a j-pop idol in general blog with a bit of johnny’s & kpop.

How will this blog be different from your previous blogs?

First of all,This blog will be permanent & that’s final,I hope XD,Second,It will have more reviews & more random ramblings from yours truly with a touch of news as well.

Will you stay true to your blogging roots?

Like yeah,I’m going to stay true to my roots,But I’m still going to be a mature weird kooky though.

What is your newest goal for blogging?

To Cross the 10,000 reader mark & make a new name for myself.

Hey I’m a hater,what are you going to do?

Simple,Just gtfo before I have to call the blog feds on your ass.

What is your newest subject for blogging?

J-pop idols but mainly focusing on H!p & AKB48

Would you like to send a message to your Readers?

Hey everybody,this is kooky & welcome to my new blog,I hope you keep following me till the very end and please d0n’t forget to comment.


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