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I Mean seriously, first I get to leave school early, then the kradison elle magazine photoshoot trailer comes out, next, my mom says she’s gonna buy me Mcdonalds and now I find out that


And even more better, They’re coming to the freakin east coast which makes it all freakin better for me.

I’m seriously excited for this, now let’s hope my mom lets me go to new york for that weekend.



So it recently has come to my attention that the new Pv for AKB48’s new single and boy oh boy, it is AMAZING.

The acting is spectacular and the fanservice is awesome.

Oh my god, one of the Best pvs ever not even lying.

I am so thinking of buying this single.

BRB, i’m going to watch it over and over again because it’s just that awesome


So yesterday, The final results for the senbatsu campaign AKB48 had for their 14th single releasing on August 26th.And the results are more than shocking.
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Hey everybody, Sorry for the short absence, i was procrastinating again. D:

but I will stop and I promise you all I will be done with the 1st part of my AKB48 Request Hour~Set List Best 100~ 2009 Review and It will be expected to be up by either monday in the afternoon or tuesday.Be patient please!

Oh and I have a brand new header, It’s namida surprise!

Well, that’s all for the blog updates, see ya next week! ^_^


I know it’s not j-pop related but still, It’s one of my “must watch” animes right now peeps!


Okay,There is a list of who will be in the yoimuri giants support group,also known as the list of the girls who will NOT be going to the Big Japan expo in paris next month.

Itano Tomomi
Oshima Yuko
Ono Erena
Kashiwagi Yuki
Kojima Haruna
Shinoda Mariko
Takahashi Minami
Maeda Atsuko
Matsui Jurina
Matsui Rena
Miyazaki Miho
Miyazawa Sae

Credit to Jasey @ S48 For the list.And my reaction to the list was simply….


I’m happy about the girls that get to go to the Japan expo,I love them all,And I’m happy that Sayaka gets to perform,Thank god but shouldn’t they be there too,Man,I’m begining to speculate that AKB48 is becoming waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too popular for their own good,They should be there along with them and how Is rena going to manage to go to paris & perform at the tokyo dome? At least I’m happy that they’re finally going to fulfill their longtime dream of peforming there so that’s a plus.I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next.


Oh My F*cking God,Best PV Of 2009 so far,I’m sorry “Shouganai Yume Oibito”,you have been replaced.

Everything in This PV is FREAKIN MEGA ULTRA AWESOME,I also loved the scene in where Tomo~mi was in a maid costume and slipped on a ball,then miichan catched the cake & passed it to yukirin.HOLY CRAP,BEST SCENE IN A MUSIC VIDEO EVER.

Also,I forgot to mention this part also.



Um,well Like I said,BEST PV OF 2009 So far.

I give it 15/10,Everything was awesome.


P.S:The only bad point in the pv was that there was waaaaaaaaaaaay too much jurina pimping though.


Well,Yesterday,I Had this talk with katie,a good friend of mine about music & stuff.But somehow,The talk had concluded with me saying this to myself…

I Think I may not be that into H!P Anymore.

Well,I’m still into h!p & Love them to death But,I Don’t know,I’m just not that into them like I was last year.And also I’ve really started to adore & favor Other groups & solo artists over them.Well,last year,I didn’t listen to their music that often and thought this.

Hello! Project >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Other Artists

But That’s slowly changing and Freakin adore more artists other than ones under Hello! project.And just To think that last year,I couldn’t listen to AKB48 or Girls’ Generation because,I was a purely H!P Purist.

I started listening to AKB48 around June of 2007 after I read an article on Team B’s major debut on “Totally Hello! Project” & The lineup included an auditionee from the 8th gen Auditions,Kashiwagi Yuki(Yukirin).I decided to check the group out and thought that the group was a 7 member group & not that big of a group.But when I saw the Video for “BINGO!”.I Was really shocked with the member count & At first I thought that there weren’t that many girls & that was just a computer effect.I suddenly got hooked on their music & Often listened to their new singles.

But somehow,I realized that they were so called “Inferior” to h!p & stopped listening.

Then A few months later,I missed out on a lot of akb48 & Suddenly,I got hooked to the group again,Now I adore them again.

Not Long after I Discovered AKB48,I found out about So Nyeo Shi Dae(A.K.A:Girls’ Generation)

In Late 2007,I didn’t really get into the group until Mid 2008,I stopped listening to the group for a few months.But then,after I heard Gee,I Must say,I Freakin adore the group again.

And after that,I got Into KAT-TUN & NewS

I Discovered both groups back in 2007,I Seriously adore the both of them.:)

Then It was TVXQ & Idoling!!!!’s Turn.I really adore TVXQ & Idoling!!!!

Thanks Silverbolt & Forever Idoling!!! for regaining my hope in the group.even If rumi/Saya/Maria left.

And finally,just recently,I got into PARADISE GO!! GO!!

But I must say,They do not have bad songs & I adore this group.btw,I couldn’t find a picture so enjoy this video of faraway,My fave Paradise go go song.


So,In conclusion,This post teaches me that I don’t just adore h!p but I still adore other groups too.And I can juggle bunches of fandoms at a time.This post does NOT translate to I WILL BE STOPPING ACTIVITIES ON THIS BLOG PERIOD.This blog will still be active.



Rumi picture time!

I’m sure all of you are probably thinking when the title came up,”No way,Kooky Dislikes meetan,she’s just messing with us.” But please hear me out about my true feelings about Team K’s Resident perv queen.As all of you should know,Meetan is my least favorite akb48 member because well,she used to be one scary girl.

When I first got Into AKB48,Meetan to me was well,Not that important to me.I first thought she was one of the more subdued members of the group,Not that flashy but you can get around her.

That was what I Thought about her at first until this….(Skip to 1:38 btw)

When I First saw this performance,I was like,”O_o….What the hell was that at 1:38?!” That’s when the insults to meetan started blowing,I thought she was a slut mainly because of that performance,well,that & the indecent openings of “AKB 0ji59 fun” which featured her showering & Naked in a bed.For that period of time in my AKB48 Fandom,I disliked her.

But then sometime,I slowly started to warm up to her.I think It was around the time 10nen zakura was released & I saw the Ohori Meshibe saga,She was stressed so much,It made me feel bad for her because of that stupid publicity stunt.Then I saw “Oshibe to meshibe yoru no chouchou”.I Instantly became addicted to that song & Became my Favorite K4 song well next to “Mammoth” & “Stand Up”.

I then later realized how sweet & gentle this girl was,But like they say,she may be a pervy girl but she’s our pervy girl! and also,I mean,How could you not like this girl?! that performance & Amau kokansetsu are what Inspired me to write this post.

~Meetan Forever~

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