Well Today Koha Is Turning 17 years old today and To celebrate I have written this poem.

K is for the krazy that you are

O Is for you obviously being so suggary

H is for those photos you took in the koharu nikki photobook, they disturb me in a way though.

A is for the adorable that you freakin are.

and to end this on a happy note…



And yes, I am addicted to sparkle text now thanks to ONTD_AI



I’m sorry that I have not updated in over a few days, I’m a lazy asshat.please forgive me, and here’s a present.

032_3Now we cool?


So yesterday, The final results for the senbatsu campaign AKB48 had for their 14th single releasing on August 26th.And the results are more than shocking.
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I already Love this song and I can sum it up in 3 words:


But Like I said, i was semi-right about the genre, It still sounds a bit like SYO but That dosen’t matter.

Now I’m off to go listen to this song 70x times.


Hey everybody, Sorry for the short absence, i was procrastinating again. D:

but I will stop and I promise you all I will be done with the 1st part of my AKB48 Request Hour~Set List Best 100~ 2009 Review and It will be expected to be up by either monday in the afternoon or tuesday.Be patient please!

Oh and I have a brand new header, It’s namida surprise!

Well, that’s all for the blog updates, see ya next week! ^_^


I know it’s not j-pop related but still, It’s one of my “must watch” animes right now peeps!


So In the past week and this week,Two brand new and awesome H!p PVs have graced the internets and in this post,Instead of giving the pvs each a separate review and analyzing both,I am going to review 2 pvs in one post and I am calling this,The PV Battle to see which pv Is the best.and Our challengers today are…

°C-ute’s “Shochuu Omimai Mochiagemassu”

And Its challenger,Mano Erina’s “Sekai wa summer party”


ROUND 1:The Song

C-ute:In My opinion,I used to kinda dislike the song at first but now,I find it really cute and upbeat,If It were up to me to chose which version of the song was better,It would be SweetS but C-ute would be my ultimate.

Manoeri:When I first Heard the song,I was completely hooked on it,It’s extremely catchy and am I the only one who thinks of “Nounai Paradise” whenever i hear it.

This Round Goes to C-ute!


C-ute:I really did like the pv,A humongous improvement over the disaster that was bye bye bye,I also liked the story.There was more but This is what I’m summing up the pv as.Rating:10/10

Manoeri:This PV was pure genius,I loved the magical suitcase in where all of her stuff was in,Including her piano,The backup dancers were a nice touch.Rating:10.5/10

This round belongs to the mano with a perfect piano!

Now In your opinion,I am letting YOU vote on which one is the better pv,The poll closes on June 20th so get your votes!

For me,My favorite out of the 2 was Manoeri’s,don’t tell!


Okay,There is a list of who will be in the yoimuri giants support group,also known as the list of the girls who will NOT be going to the Big Japan expo in paris next month.

Itano Tomomi
Oshima Yuko
Ono Erena
Kashiwagi Yuki
Kojima Haruna
Shinoda Mariko
Takahashi Minami
Maeda Atsuko
Matsui Jurina
Matsui Rena
Miyazaki Miho
Miyazawa Sae

Credit to Jasey @ S48 For the list.And my reaction to the list was simply….


I’m happy about the girls that get to go to the Japan expo,I love them all,And I’m happy that Sayaka gets to perform,Thank god but shouldn’t they be there too,Man,I’m begining to speculate that AKB48 is becoming waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too popular for their own good,They should be there along with them and how Is rena going to manage to go to paris & perform at the tokyo dome? At least I’m happy that they’re finally going to fulfill their longtime dream of peforming there so that’s a plus.I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next.


Well,so I’m doing this once again To tell people that don’t know who I am yet My favorites in the following groups; Morning Musume,Berryz Koubou,C-ute,Ice Cream Musume & Idoling!!! And in this chapter,I will tell everyone my favorite Girls In Berryz Koubou

My Favorite Berryz Koubou Members 



   1.Tsugunaga Momoko(Previously:1)


      As all of you who do know me probably know by now that Momo-chan Is My all time favorite Berryz Koubou Member.So yeah,that’s not changing anytime soon.

2.Sugaya Risako(Previously:3 for a bit)


I used to not love risako as much as I do now back 8 months ago.But then wendy Influenced me to Love love risako again and after I downloaded her 3rd photobook,the deal was set.Thanks wendy for making me love love risako again.

 3.Natsuyaki Miyabi(Previously:2 for a bit)


Miya is someone I really really love but I have to make some room for my top 2 in terms of ultra berryz Affection to do that,So my top 3 always seem to be switching places just so that i could be happy,but,back to miya,Miya has an amazing voice & is really pretty,so In conclusion,She’s not going to be gone from this top 3 anytime soon.

4.Tokunaga Chinami(Previously:4)


Chinami-chan Is just a ray of sunshine everyday,she’s cute,adorable,a great singer & Freakin hilarious,Plus,her hair is growing back,so 15 extra brownie points! 😀

5.Kumai Yurina(Previously:5)


 Yurina Is absolutely gorgeous,I don’t see why people call her boring.She’s an Amazing singer & is beautiful,Plus she does have a great personality.

6.Shimizu Saki(Previously:6)


Fierce Dancer,Amazing Voice,Pretty,Equals the perfect berryz captain.

7.Sudou Maasa(Previously:7)


Well,I used to hate maasa,But Then I realized how beautiful & what an awesome personality maa-chan has.She’s just freakin hilarious,I love her now,Meaning i don’t hate anyone In berryz anymore!

C-ute Is Up next


Oh My F*cking God,Best PV Of 2009 so far,I’m sorry “Shouganai Yume Oibito”,you have been replaced.

Everything in This PV is FREAKIN MEGA ULTRA AWESOME,I also loved the scene in where Tomo~mi was in a maid costume and slipped on a ball,then miichan catched the cake & passed it to yukirin.HOLY CRAP,BEST SCENE IN A MUSIC VIDEO EVER.

Also,I forgot to mention this part also.



Um,well Like I said,BEST PV OF 2009 So far.

I give it 15/10,Everything was awesome.


P.S:The only bad point in the pv was that there was waaaaaaaaaaaay too much jurina pimping though.


I mean,This brand new group has the perfect lineup,Because It mainly has Yuuka-chan,My second favorite Egg.I don’t hate anyone in this group,I practically love everyone.and judging by the making of the pv,It looks like a pretty dang good pv to me and the song,I love it.

The song comes out on June 7th but only available at the shinjin kouen concert btw.


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