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1142It’s late but whatevs, Morning Musume’s new single, “Nanchatte renai” sold over 54,000 copies in it’s 1st week

I am freakin happy because that has been one of my wishes for them for a very long time(for them to at least have high 1st week sales again LOL)

So yes, I am finally freakin satisfied, brb, I’m going to listen to this song 100 times now.



Finally,this historic day came,Momusu’s newest single,”Shouganai Yume Oibito” finally got a weekly #1 ranking with over 47,528 copies sold.Making this their 1st #1 single since 2006’s “Aruiteru”(a single that I really adore yet so many people hate it,I have no idea why) & The 1st single for 8th generation.Wow,this is such an accomplishment.Momusu will be out of the dead & no sass talk.Oh & It’s ai-chan’s 1st #1 as leader! Congrats!


You wanna know why I am so freaking happy?!

Well,If you asked,It’s because my fave H!P group of all time,Morning Musume’s brand new single just ranked #1 with over 23,039 copies sold in the very first day,beating out such other fellow j-pop acts such as w-inds & VAMPS for the top spot.This is extremely awesome news & It’s a huge improvement from naichau kamo’s 1st day sales.AKB48 better Watch out cause Morning Musume’s back & they’re stronger than ever.


1.Takahashi Ai

Ai-chan,to me,is like the perfect Morning Musume Member to me.She’s everything rolled into one adorable girl.She’s not going down anytime soon.

2.Kusumi Koharu

I mean seriously,How could you NOT like this girl?!

3.Niigaki Risa

Add Image Gaki,You’re awesome,I love you!

4.Kamei Eri

Sweeter Than Cotton Candy,i freakin adore kame-chan

5.Tanaka Reina

Tanaka reina=Coolest girl in morning musume,next to ai-chan.

The bottom 4 are coming up!



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