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1142It’s late but whatevs, Morning Musume’s new single, “Nanchatte renai” sold over 54,000 copies in it’s 1st week

I am freakin happy because that has been one of my wishes for them for a very long time(for them to at least have high 1st week sales again LOL)

So yes, I am finally freakin satisfied, brb, I’m going to listen to this song 100 times now.



So The new nanchatte renai pv came out and my reaction was simply.

………………………….Wut, They look hot but it’s kinda well…….

Boring.I don’t know, I liked the pv at 1st when It came out but it’s just like, I’m dissappointed with it.

I don’t know, I didn’t feel this way before, maybe something will change my mind about it…..

I hope.


If anyone wants to look, here are some pictures of my momusu cake for my 14th birthday.


A close up shot of the cake.


Sideways shoot. XD


And for the final pic, me with the cake


I look kinda weird if I do say so myself.


Well Today Koha Is Turning 17 years old today and To celebrate I have written this poem.

K is for the krazy that you are

O Is for you obviously being so suggary

H is for those photos you took in the koharu nikki photobook, they disturb me in a way though.

A is for the adorable that you freakin are.

and to end this on a happy note…



And yes, I am addicted to sparkle text now thanks to ONTD_AI


I already Love this song and I can sum it up in 3 words:


But Like I said, i was semi-right about the genre, It still sounds a bit like SYO but That dosen’t matter.

Now I’m off to go listen to this song 70x times.


Finally,this historic day came,Momusu’s newest single,”Shouganai Yume Oibito” finally got a weekly #1 ranking with over 47,528 copies sold.Making this their 1st #1 single since 2006’s “Aruiteru”(a single that I really adore yet so many people hate it,I have no idea why) & The 1st single for 8th generation.Wow,this is such an accomplishment.Momusu will be out of the dead & no sass talk.Oh & It’s ai-chan’s 1st #1 as leader! Congrats!


Hey you.yeah you,have you ever dreamed of being the director of Morning Musume’s next PV?Well here’s your chance cause Morning Musume is holding a contest to see who can make the best pv for the b-side of SYO,”3.2.1,BREAKIN OUT” I’m planning to enter the contest myself but my editing skills are not the best.but good luck to everyone who enters & may the best PV win!


You wanna know why I am so freaking happy?!

Well,If you asked,It’s because my fave H!P group of all time,Morning Musume’s brand new single just ranked #1 with over 23,039 copies sold in the very first day,beating out such other fellow j-pop acts such as w-inds & VAMPS for the top spot.This is extremely awesome news & It’s a huge improvement from naichau kamo’s 1st day sales.AKB48 better Watch out cause Morning Musume’s back & they’re stronger than ever.


Guess who’s special day is it today?Yup,that’s right,It’s none other than my favorite former Hello! Project member,Konno asami’s Birthday! Yes everyone,The lovely chubby cheeked sweetie pie gokkie is turning 22 years old today! Happy birthday my dear princess,I will never forget you & I still mourn the fact that you are gone.So best wishes for you & a mini picspam. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Happy birthday konkon,hope you have a good one!


1.Takahashi Ai

Ai-chan,to me,is like the perfect Morning Musume Member to me.She’s everything rolled into one adorable girl.She’s not going down anytime soon.

2.Kusumi Koharu

I mean seriously,How could you NOT like this girl?!

3.Niigaki Risa

Add Image Gaki,You’re awesome,I love you!

4.Kamei Eri

Sweeter Than Cotton Candy,i freakin adore kame-chan

5.Tanaka Reina

Tanaka reina=Coolest girl in morning musume,next to ai-chan.

The bottom 4 are coming up!



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