So In the past week and this week,Two brand new and awesome H!p PVs have graced the internets and in this post,Instead of giving the pvs each a separate review and analyzing both,I am going to review 2 pvs in one post and I am calling this,The PV Battle to see which pv Is the best.and Our challengers today are…

°C-ute’s “Shochuu Omimai Mochiagemassu”

And Its challenger,Mano Erina’s “Sekai wa summer party”


ROUND 1:The Song

C-ute:In My opinion,I used to kinda dislike the song at first but now,I find it really cute and upbeat,If It were up to me to chose which version of the song was better,It would be SweetS but C-ute would be my ultimate.

Manoeri:When I first Heard the song,I was completely hooked on it,It’s extremely catchy and am I the only one who thinks of “Nounai Paradise” whenever i hear it.

This Round Goes to C-ute!


C-ute:I really did like the pv,A humongous improvement over the disaster that was bye bye bye,I also liked the story.There was more but This is what I’m summing up the pv as.Rating:10/10

Manoeri:This PV was pure genius,I loved the magical suitcase in where all of her stuff was in,Including her piano,The backup dancers were a nice touch.Rating:10.5/10

This round belongs to the mano with a perfect piano!

Now In your opinion,I am letting YOU vote on which one is the better pv,The poll closes on June 20th so get your votes!

For me,My favorite out of the 2 was Manoeri’s,don’t tell!