Okay,There is a list of who will be in the yoimuri giants support group,also known as the list of the girls who will NOT be going to the Big Japan expo in paris next month.

Itano Tomomi
Oshima Yuko
Ono Erena
Kashiwagi Yuki
Kojima Haruna
Shinoda Mariko
Takahashi Minami
Maeda Atsuko
Matsui Jurina
Matsui Rena
Miyazaki Miho
Miyazawa Sae

Credit to Jasey @ S48 For the list.And my reaction to the list was simply….


I’m happy about the girls that get to go to the Japan expo,I love them all,And I’m happy that Sayaka gets to perform,Thank god but shouldn’t they be there too,Man,I’m begining to speculate that AKB48 is becoming waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too popular for their own good,They should be there along with them and how Is rena going to manage to go to paris & perform at the tokyo dome? At least I’m happy that they’re finally going to fulfill their longtime dream of peforming there so that’s a plus.I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next.