Well,so I’m doing this once again To tell people that don’t know who I am yet My favorites in the following groups; Morning Musume,Berryz Koubou,C-ute,Ice Cream Musume & Idoling!!! And in this chapter,I will tell everyone my favorite Girls In Berryz Koubou

My Favorite Berryz Koubou Members 



   1.Tsugunaga Momoko(Previously:1)


      As all of you who do know me probably know by now that Momo-chan Is My all time favorite Berryz Koubou Member.So yeah,that’s not changing anytime soon.

2.Sugaya Risako(Previously:3 for a bit)


I used to not love risako as much as I do now back 8 months ago.But then wendy Influenced me to Love love risako again and after I downloaded her 3rd photobook,the deal was set.Thanks wendy for making me love love risako again.

 3.Natsuyaki Miyabi(Previously:2 for a bit)


Miya is someone I really really love but I have to make some room for my top 2 in terms of ultra berryz Affection to do that,So my top 3 always seem to be switching places just so that i could be happy,but,back to miya,Miya has an amazing voice & is really pretty,so In conclusion,She’s not going to be gone from this top 3 anytime soon.

4.Tokunaga Chinami(Previously:4)


Chinami-chan Is just a ray of sunshine everyday,she’s cute,adorable,a great singer & Freakin hilarious,Plus,her hair is growing back,so 15 extra brownie points! 😀

5.Kumai Yurina(Previously:5)


 Yurina Is absolutely gorgeous,I don’t see why people call her boring.She’s an Amazing singer & is beautiful,Plus she does have a great personality.

6.Shimizu Saki(Previously:6)


Fierce Dancer,Amazing Voice,Pretty,Equals the perfect berryz captain.

7.Sudou Maasa(Previously:7)


Well,I used to hate maasa,But Then I realized how beautiful & what an awesome personality maa-chan has.She’s just freakin hilarious,I love her now,Meaning i don’t hate anyone In berryz anymore!

C-ute Is Up next