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The topic this time around is:
Hoping we’re not all shallow wotas, imagine your favourite idol (or musical personality) switched bodies with someone you don’t find “visually pleasing”, would it affect your love for that idol in any way/shape/form?

Well,as we all know,the idol world is to sum it up:Looks>>>>>Talent.So it would matter to me how an Idol looked,Even If the most talented girl in a certain j-idol group had a great personality,looked over everyone & was an overall vocal powerhouse & all around sweetheart,everyone would still say she’s fugly.

Well,Okay,since I’m a huge Idol fan,I will kick off this post with my favorite J-Idol of all time,Morning Musume Leader,Ai Takahashi

I adore ai-chan beyond anything,She’s like the perfect Idol….EVER.I mean,this girl can do it all,she can sing,she can dance,heck,she even has a great personality & kickass acting chops.plus,she’s extremely beautiful & even If ai-chan wasn’t THIS gorgeous,I still would adore her the same way.but like they say,for idols,It’s what’s on the outside that matters.and now,let’s put a less attractive idol in the picture,for example,Idoling!!!! #9,Yokoyama Rurika(Dearly sorry to any rurika fans).

Rurika is 17 years old,but she looks like she’s 50.But here’s the twist,she has an amazing voice.I mean,If ai-chan were to look like rurika but still possess the same qualities as her,I would still love her like crazy.Rurika is suddenly starting to grow on me but in the Chuu Shiyouze PV,She looked creepy as hell.But somehow,I just learned that I wouldn’t fully love an idol until I saw their personality or heard his/her voice for myself,But I still have yet to see an Idoling!!!! Episode subtitled to find out more about her personality or at least ask silverbolt.but,like they say,It’s the talent that matters.but somehow in the j-idol industry,It dosen’t go that way.

But to me,I don’t care about the idol’s outer appearance really.