I’m sure all of you are probably thinking when the title came up,”No way,Kooky Dislikes meetan,she’s just messing with us.” But please hear me out about my true feelings about Team K’s Resident perv queen.As all of you should know,Meetan is my least favorite akb48 member because well,she used to be one scary girl.

When I first got Into AKB48,Meetan to me was well,Not that important to me.I first thought she was one of the more subdued members of the group,Not that flashy but you can get around her.

That was what I Thought about her at first until this….(Skip to 1:38 btw)

When I First saw this performance,I was like,”O_o….What the hell was that at 1:38?!” That’s when the insults to meetan started blowing,I thought she was a slut mainly because of that performance,well,that & the indecent openings of “AKB 0ji59 fun” which featured her showering & Naked in a bed.For that period of time in my AKB48 Fandom,I disliked her.

But then sometime,I slowly started to warm up to her.I think It was around the time 10nen zakura was released & I saw the Ohori Meshibe saga,She was stressed so much,It made me feel bad for her because of that stupid publicity stunt.Then I saw “Oshibe to meshibe yoru no chouchou”.I Instantly became addicted to that song & Became my Favorite K4 song well next to “Mammoth” & “Stand Up”.

I then later realized how sweet & gentle this girl was,But like they say,she may be a pervy girl but she’s our pervy girl! and also,I mean,How could you not like this girl?! that performance & Amau kokansetsu are what Inspired me to write this post.

~Meetan Forever~